hi did you know i run a blog? yeah i forgot too

july 30th, 2022 me updates, site updates, & dicey dungeons

it's ya girl, back at it again with another incrdeible NEW BLOG POST.......

been a while since i last posted, huh? i've tried a few times to write out a post but all of those attempts kind of... fizzled out.

so, what's been going on with me? i've been learning a few new songs on piano – namely "niko and the world machine" because Emotions and also "planetarium" becuase it pretty :] & it's full of so much warmth... my sister's been getting into minecraft lately, and helping her learn the deep dark has been... fun >:]. i've also been looking at some of my old unfinished d&d settings and picking up a few pieces from them – i think i might try and make something actually cohesive for once, just for fun. if it goes well, i might upload some of that onto the site!

speaking of, site updates time! first off, i added a starbound shrine, inspired by seraphsanctum's very own! it got "i was the sun" stuck in my head for like five days afterward, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. i also added a homestuck-style aboutme thing, but that's... currently inaccessible. woops. anyway, both of those were a lot of fun to put together!

i've been debating adding some music to the homepage... my pick was "adventure" from the fez ost. the issue is *inhale* that that's going to require redoing the homepage & aboutme page so they use iframes but using iframes cuts off the pronoun thing on the aboutme page and i guess i could use js to fix that or fiddle around with absolute positioning but those are both whole other headaches and really i can't be bothered so. fuck. i also don't even have a place to put it.

speaking of the aboutme page, i really need to get on finishing it. i've kind of hit a block and i'm not sure what i want to do with it. i've exhausted my creative juices for the next little bit, i think. all i really want to do is...

PLAY DICEY DUNGEONS!!? i picked that game up just today after a loooong break & i forgot how much fun it is! it's full of so much charm. it was a little hard to be thrust right back into the middle of the robot levels, since that's where i stopped, but i got back into the flow quickly enough. that game is really really good at making you feel super fucking strong while still keeping you on your toes. it's great.

now i've just got to balance it with my stardew valley playthrough & my minecraft create playthrough & my spiritfarer playthrough & my starbound playthrough & my