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july 11th, 2022 rambling about spotify, piano, spiritfarer, & minecraft mods

here's the thing. i use spotify for music, right? but i don't pay for spotify premium, because where i live apparently nobody's putting ads on spotify, so i just don't get ads anyway. but when i was in britain – look. i was prepared for ads. but there were so many that spotify just immediately became nigh unusable. i had to switch back to youtube playlists. do you know how bad the advertising on your music app has to be to make me take the time to create brand-new youtube playlists??

anyway, i'm finally back home, so i've been able to play piano again! i really want to add recordings of some of the pieces i know to the gallery, but while testing it out i discovered that my phone doesn't capture the piano sound very well... i'm not sure what i'm going to do to fix that. we'll see.

i've also been playing spiritfarer again recently. god that game is so good. it's making me a billion times more emotional this time around for some reason, and i'm really enjoying it.

ok. ok so time for some stuff i want to gush about. i love the fucking create mod so much. it just updated to v0.5, "full steam", and this shit looks so fucking cool holy shit holy shit

like. the train driving ui looks incredible??? the tracks look so cool?? the display boards??? the steam whistles??? the new superglue system?? the fucking train conductor hat????? i was giggling with delight all throughout watching that video & my urge to play some vanilla+ create has skyrocketed now. the only problem is that my mac already likes to heat up running minecraft with sodium and a bunch of other optimization mods and i don't want to damage it somehow playing anything more heavily modded... but i also might just do it anyway.