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nov 06, 2022 night vale, minecraft, and bad art

i really need to get into the habit of writing blog posts whenever i feel like it, rather than waiting for a set amount of stuff to talk about. so here goes.

i've started listening to "welcome to night vale" recently. i heard a lot of good things about it and i finally decided i should maybe pick it up. somehow, i went into it thinking it was going to be some kind of deep narrative podcast? it's not that. it's very good, though. it's an absurd comedy podcast with a sprinkling of existentialism and some baller community-made music.

my favorite thing is that if you listen chronologically, there's a lot of background plot threads to pick up on & follow — AND they remind you what those threads are when picking them back up, so even if you've got horrible memory (cough cough) you can still enjoy. it's cool! also there's like 200 episodes so i can Consume without worrying that i am Consuming too Fast.

i'm barely restraining myself from trying to analyze it from just the 30 episodes i've listened to so far, like the reoccuring symbol of the night sky and how that connects with the podcast's view of existence as stated in the second episode, as well as the portrayal of carlos and the contrast between night vale and desert bluffs and a million other things... but! i'd go insane.

i've also hopped back on an old minecraft server again with some people! we are affectionately referring to this as "season two". i was always very happy with the builds i made there — azaleaville, the geode portal, and the (wip) docks are all builds i still really like! you can find screenshots of them on this site. it's nice to come back to something you made a long time ago and still like it. also, building infrastructure in minecraft is one of my favorite things to do, and what i do on that server is almost exclusively that.

i'm being lazy with playing piano... i'm at that point again where i play for 2 seconds and go "holy shit i suck balls at piano" and then leave. i'm bringing this up because it ties in with some stuff i've been thinking about recently, sometimes in connection with the site. i love making shit, but i'm also terrified of making shit just in case it ends up sucking, to the point where it gets in the way of making shit in the first place. i'm not the first or last person to have this problem. but like. it sucks, huh? i'm working on it.

anyway i got to see some cool hills yesterday.

it was exhausting but it was also cool. dope. maybe even awesome.