ohhhh so the pain is forever and endless i get it now

september 4th, 2022 site styling & 100%ing celeste

i've got the itch.

that horrible, horrible itch – the itch to completely redo my site again. i feel like everything is very full! i need a layout with more space, something infinitely expandable... but i can't think of a concept for it that i like.

i'm trying to take a step back and dissect what i want from this website, aesthetics-wise. i've always tried to go for what i call "late summer evening" kind of vibes – dim but warm & comforting. i still want to keep that to some degree.

i've tried some ideas... the main thing i want to do is make things more "physical". i don't want everything to be regular website buttons and links – let me just show you an example.

new image styling! woo

the link to the blog is an actual notebook! the link to other websites is a computer! that kind of stuff. i don't know if i'm explaining myself well, but oh well.

this is the only proper concept i've got right now, and i'm a bit iffy on it. it's got that aforementioned 'physicality', but the issue is that it (again) feels very cluttered. that's on one hand a good thing, but on another it leaves no space for new stuff!

this concept also replaces the gallery with a *~digital corkboard~*. an issue i had with the old site layout is that i had a lot of trouble actually putting stuff into the gallery. i made a hidden gallery at one point (which actually helped a lot!) but then i immediately unhid it. so. having a corkboard instead will help a lot with that... mostly because of the much less ostentatious name. i still have to deal with the fact that a corkboard will eventually fill up... hmm.

i'm noticing that i don't tend to talk about myself much in these entries, even though that's what they're for. i'm continuing that tradition for now, since to be honest nothing great's going on right now. school's starting soon. and by that i mean tomorrow. and i'm being a nervous wreck about it, naturally. it's just particularly unfortunate that my dysphoria as well as just a pinch of creative burnout have both chosen this time to start kicking my ass especially hard, so i've got them to deal with alongside any usual anxieties. it's not fantastic.


i've recently realized that (at the time of writing this) i have not 100%'d a single game in my steam library. one of my proudest Gaming Accomplishments™ is completing everything that popular indie game celeste has to offer... except the final chapter, farewell. as such, my achievement completion on it was sitting at an unsatisying 94%.

screenshot from farewell

i've now completed what was left – the single long room at the end of farewell! which was so very exhilirating! i'm now working on getting the secret achievement, but the path to it just keeps going and going and going – everytime i think i've finally reached the end, there's another long stretch ahead! it's a struggle, but it's a goddamn fun-as-hell struggle, & i can't wait to get that golden 100% on it.

- world's worst best gamer


celeste's secret achievement

i did it ONCE BEFORE and then i went LOOKING AROUND for more secrets before collecting it and accidentally JUMPED right into the warp to the END OF THE LEVEL and. and i had to do the whole thing all over again. buT I FUCKING DID IT SUUUUCK IT